Our Facilities

You can find photographic studio IMAGE22 in the business centre BIZZ22, situated at Parklaan 22 in Turnhout. The facilities are located on the first floor and are easily accessible by elevator. You can park your car free of charge in the private car park near the entrance of the building. 

The studio space boasts more than 200 square metres and contains a nice corner with 4 changing rooms and dressing tables for your make-up artist.

We have installed a powerful heat pump that comfortably heats the studio space in winter and cools it down on hot days!
Even better: visitors can log in to free WIFI!

From a technical point of view, we can provide the creative photographer with several studio strobes with a choice of light modifiers. There is a white infinite background (12m) and a black one (6m). For product photography, we have a product table available, which comes with continuous lighting. 

From today, the new transmitter system is operational for all nine studio flash units. For owners of Nikon, Canon and Sony cameras, all special functions such as HSS are fully usable! Using a rented studio was never that easy and at the same time challengingly creative!

For the design of the technical photo studio, I opted for the Godox system. Their lighting system is among the top class at the moment. Both the occasional photographer and the discerning creative person will find what they are looking for.

The nine studio flash units guarantee a high steady-state color temperature and a short recharge time. Certain units also allow high speed synchronization when flashing (AD600 and QT1200 - FV150 and FV200).
Godox uses the latest technology in its FV series, which use a 150W or 200W LED element. They can be used as a continuous light as well as a full studio flash and are compatible with all light modifiers with a bowens mount.

The 2.4 GHz X transmitter system can control all studio flash units in five groups and 32 channels from the camera: the photographer conveniently chooses the brightness of the strobes and can switch them on / off individually from the camera if desired. You could also divide the spacious studio into three recording angles with their own lighting, easily adjusted by using different channels that do not influence each other. The older Dynaphos flash units are also connected to this system and can be fine-tuned from the camera.

Anyone who wants to make use of the projection options and available gobos, or wants to experiment with smoke in the studio, should ask for support in order not to waste time.

Contact Fotostudio Image22 to receive a technical sheet with the current inventory of the studio by email.